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Native American Crafts, Products and Jewellery. We are major suppliers of Native American crafts, Native American products and jewellery in Europe. Our range includes:

  • Navajo silver and turquoise jewellery
  • The Sage Spirit collection of incense, oils, smudge sticks and herbs
  • Iroquois bone jewellery and handicrafts
  • Craft materials and books
  • Navajo fetish jewellery
  • The Tarahumara and Mohawk collections of hand-crafted products
  • A range of Pewter Jewellery from the USA
  • Totem Power Stones

We also supply Moldavite, crystal, Minerals and other unusual stones and jewellery.

Native Crafts

Bone Carvings


Craft Books


Glass Beads

Hair pipes

Hides Skins and Rawhide

Lace Sinew Thread

Metal Beads

Metal Goods

Natural Products



Stones and Stone Beads


Native American Products

Archangel Incense

Archangel Oils

Assorted Jewellery

Assorted Products

Burning Herbs

Dream Catchers


Flutes Drums Rattles

Herb Greeting Cards


Iroquois Artifacts

Iroquois Bone Jewellery

Iroquois Jewellery

Iroquois Pipes

Medicine Bags

Medicine Wheel Incense

Medicine wheel Oils

Navajo Jewellery


Pipestone pipes

Posters and Postcards


Shields Mandellas Medicine Wheels

Smudge Sticks

Smudging Feathers

Totem Incense

Totem Oils

Native American Jewellery

Assorted Jewellery


Crystal Silver Jewellery

Crystal Silver Jewellery and Carvings

Gemstone Incense

Iroquois Jewellery

Moldavite Silver Jewellery

Moldavite oil

Navajo Silver Ear Rings

Navajo Silver Necklaces and Watch Straps

Navajo Silver Pendants and Brooches

Navajo Silver Rings

Navajo Sterling Silver Bangles

Pewter Pendants

Silver Chains

Silver Jewellery

Silver Pendants

Totem Power Stones

Wire-wrap Silver Pendants

Wolf Walker Collection

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