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Latitude Imports catalogue of native american crafts, products and jewellery include Crystal Jewellery.

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Pendulums: amethyst,rose quartz, quartzA5
Pendulums: amethyst,rose quartz, quartz

Retail price: £2.50

Quartz pointA100
Quartz point

Retail price: £2.00

Rose quartz pointA101
Rose quartz point

Retail price: £2.70

Amethyst pointA102
Amethyst point

Retail price: £4.00

Lapis pointA106
Lapis point

Retail price: £2.70

Narmada Lingham PendulumA5a
Narmada Lingham Pendulum

Retail price: £3.00

Narmada Lingham PendantA133
Narmada Lingham Pendant

Retail price: £3.00

Gold Metal PendulumA5b
Gold Metal Pendulum

Retail price: £2.60

Heart pendants, quartz and amethystA113b
Heart pendants, quartz and amethyst

Retail price: £3.00

Amethyst large pendant with quartz sphereA134
Amethyst large pendant with quartz sphere

Retail price: £6.60

Silver Metal PendulumA5c
Silver Metal Pendulum

Retail price: £2.80

Tourmaline point with quartz sphereA28a
Tourmaline point with quartz sphere

Retail price: £3.00

Crystal Flower Chakra Pendant A135
Crystal Flower Chakra Pendant

Retail price: £9.30

Rose Quartz pointA261
Rose Quartz point

Retail price: £1.80

Lepidolite pointA262
Lepidolite point

Retail price: £1.80

Scolecite pointA263
Scolecite point

Retail price: £1.80

Amethyst pointA218
Amethyst point

Retail price: £1.80

Pyrite pointA219
Pyrite point

Retail price: £1.80

Lapis Chakra PendantA290
Lapis Chakra Pendant

Retail price: £9.80

Black Tourmaline PendantA291
Black Tourmaline Pendant

Retail price: £2.40

Obsidion PendantA319
Obsidion Pendant

Retail price: £2.40