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Latitude Imports catalogue of native american crafts, products and jewellery include Crystal Silver Jewellery.

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Aqua Aura DropA1
Aqua Aura Drop

Retail price: £14.00

Azurite Malachite smallA4
Azurite Malachite small

Retail price: £14.00

Kyanite, blueA9
Kyanite, blue

Retail price: £21.90

Quartz vogelA17
Quartz vogel

Retail price: £24.70

Dragon on aqua aura pointA19
Dragon on aqua aura point

Retail price: £72.50


Retail price: £28.00


Retail price: £18.20

Green tourmalineA28
Green tourmaline

Retail price: £16.00

Cross plus rose quartzA30
Cross plus rose quartz

Retail price: £22.00

Chakra, cabochonsA33
Chakra, cabochons

Retail price: £9.30

Black Tourmaline ear ringsA34
Black Tourmaline ear rings

Retail price: £39.00

Spessartine Garnet PointA108
Spessartine Garnet Point

Retail price: £14.50

Aqua aura ear-ringsA111
Aqua aura ear-rings

Retail price: £26.60

Heart, amethystA113
Heart, amethyst

Retail price: £12.00

Siberian blue quartz ear ringsA114
Siberian blue quartz ear rings

Retail price: £25.00

Quartz plus garnetA115
Quartz plus garnet

Retail price: £28.00

Rose quartz ear-ringsA116
Rose quartz ear-rings

Retail price: £21.00

Aqua auraA118
Aqua aura

Retail price: £27.00

Lepidolite Heart PendantA207
Lepidolite Heart Pendant

Retail price: £10.40