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Latitude Imports catalogue of native american crafts, products and jewellery include Moldavite Silver Jewellery.

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Large Pentacle Pendant, moldaviteM41
Large Pentacle Pendant, moldavite

Retail price: £37.00

Small Pentacle Pendant, moldaviteM42
Small Pentacle Pendant, moldavite

Retail price: £19.00

Small Studs, MoldaviteM43
Small Studs, Moldavite

Retail price: £21.00

Large Studs, MoldaviteM44
Large Studs, Moldavite

Retail price: £53.00

Small ring, MoldaviteM45
Small ring, Moldavite

Retail price: £34.70

Large ring, MoldaviteM46
Large ring, Moldavite

Retail price: £48.00

Pentacle Ring, MoldaviteM47
Pentacle Ring, Moldavite

Retail price: £37.00

Large Goddess, MoldaviteM49
Large Goddess, Moldavite

Retail price: £104.00

Small Goddess, Moldavite M50
Small Goddess, Moldavite

Retail price: £19.00

Medium GoddessM51
Medium Goddess

Retail price: £42.00

Goddess Ear-rings, MoldaviteM58
Goddess Ear-rings, Moldavite

Retail price: £37.00

Pentacle Ear-rings, MoldaviteM59
Pentacle Ear-rings, Moldavite

Retail price: £42.00

Angel Pendant, Moldavite or danburiteM60
Angel Pendant, Moldavite or danburite

Retail price: £42.90

Moldavite Heart PendantM61
Moldavite Heart Pendant

Retail price: £82.00

Three Moldavites PendantM62
Three Moldavites Pendant

Retail price: £76.00

Isis Pendant, moldaviteM65
Isis Pendant, moldavite

Retail price: £62.00

Pleidean Star. specify moldavite or danburiteM76
Pleidean Star. specify moldavite or danburite

Retail price: £38.00

Pleidean Star, Moldavite ear-ringsM77
Pleidean Star, Moldavite ear-rings

Retail price: £70.00

Square Pendant, MoldaviteM78
Square Pendant, Moldavite

Retail price: £70.00

Two Amethysts and Moldavite ringM79
Two Amethysts and Moldavite ring

Retail price: £67.00

Two Danburites and Moldavite ringM80
Two Danburites and Moldavite ring

Retail price: £54.00

Oval pendant, MoldaviteM81
Oval pendant, Moldavite

Retail price: £19.00

Danburite ringM83
Danburite ring

Retail price: £39.00

Danburite pendantM84
Danburite pendant

Retail price: £39.00

Iolite studsM87
Iolite studs

Retail price: £28.90

Large oval moldavite pendantM92
Large oval moldavite pendant

Retail price: £70.00

Square ring moldavite, smallM95
Square ring moldavite, small

Retail price: £49.00

Azeztulite with moldavite pendantM97
Azeztulite with moldavite pendant

Retail price: £90.00

Extra Large Moldavite Pentacle 25mmM104
Extra Large Moldavite Pentacle 25mm

Retail price: £72.00

Moldavite and Moonstone PendantM106
Moldavite and Moonstone Pendant

Retail price: £37.00