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Latitude Imports catalogue of native american crafts, products and jewellery include Navajo Sterling Silver Bangles.

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Plain bangleT16
Plain bangle

Retail price: £79.00

Coral bangleT32
Coral bangle

Retail price: £62.00

Three stone bangleT33
Three stone bangle

Retail price: £77.50

Charm BraceletT24
Charm Bracelet

Retail price: £67.00

Turquoise with feathers bangleT67
Turquoise with feathers bangle

Retail price: £45.00

Light turquoise bangleT68
Light turquoise bangle

Retail price: £35.00

Baby bangle with turquoiseT69
Baby bangle with turquoise

Retail price: £50.00

Multi stone inlay bangleT71
Multi stone inlay bangle

Retail price: £119.00

Engraved bangleT76
Engraved bangle

Retail price: £68.90

Silver bangleT77
Silver bangle

Retail price: £26.50

Bear paw turquoise braceletT78
Bear paw turquoise bracelet

Retail price: £42.00