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Latitude Imports catalogue of native american crafts, products and jewellery include Navajo Silver Pendants and Brooches.

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Horse head brooch / pendantT11
Horse head brooch / pendant

Retail price: £60.00

Cowgirl on horse brooch / pendantT12
Cowgirl on horse brooch / pendant

Retail price: £22.00

Child with horse broochT27
Child with horse brooch

Retail price: £22.00

Arrowhead pendantT28
Arrowhead pendant

Retail price: £11.70

Wolf pendantT42
Wolf pendant

Retail price: £67.00

Turquoise claw pendantT45
Turquoise claw pendant

Retail price: £56.00

Bear paw pendant double-sided T91
Bear paw pendant double-sided

Retail price: £14.80

Turquoise and coral pendantT92
Turquoise and coral pendant

Retail price: £64.00

Turquoise pendantT93
Turquoise pendant

Retail price: £36.00

Medicine wheel pendantT94
Medicine wheel pendant

Retail price: £24.50

Turquoise and shell feather pendantT95
Turquoise and shell feather pendant

Retail price: £50.00

Large cross with turquoiseT96
Large cross with turquoise

Retail price: £40.50

Small cross with turquoiseT97
Small cross with turquoise

Retail price: £32.50

Small inlay arrowhead bear or wolf pendantT99
Small inlay arrowhead bear or wolf pendant

Retail price: £48.90

Sunface pendantT143
Sunface pendant

Retail price: £19.90

Feather and turquoise pendantT145
Feather and turquoise pendant

Retail price: £39.00